Bike Ride & Picnic

On a rare day where we were both off, we decided to test the new bike and go for a little bike ride. We ended up doing about 10.5 miles.

We started off along the canal, heading west out of the city, but when we got to the Thwaite Mills Industrial Museum – the canal footpath was closed. While we stood looking lost a nice women came out and informed us it was closed for 20 weeks and gave us directions to get back on the canal further on. Unfortunately we didn’t get back on it and instead ended up going along the river. But then we found this gorgeous little spot for our picnic!

Stop at the river for picnic

We headed back the way we came as the footpath in front of us was more like a jungle and a bit too extreme for our first outing. Thanks to an iPhone and Google Maps, we were soon back on the right track – heading towards Kirkstall Abbey.

Kirkstall Abby

We laid in the sun, had a flapjack and caramel slice then nodded off in the sun for a bit! And on the way back we found a pub for a quick drink in the beer garden!

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