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Lactic bacteria cultures probably don’t sound that appetising, but considering how good and how important they are for you, you really should be scoffing not just a few, not millions, but billions of them everyday! They inhabit the human digestive system where they create a lactic acid environment that bad bugs can’t live in. These lactic cultures help keep your insides clean and functioning well.

When made correctly and eaten fresh, yogurt offers plenty of these nice little bacteria. Scientific studies show that besides providing calcium and protein, yogurt consumption can help increase our physical defence against infectious microbes, and normalise our intestinal flora. Unfortunately the live cultures have a limited lifetime. This means processed yogurt and some store-bought yogurts may not have any live lactic cultures left by the time they are consume.

Fortunately, a clever man named Len Light not only came up with a way of creating fresh yogurt bursting full of billions and billions of cultures, he also made it as simple as making a cup of tea!

EasiYo System

In three easy steps, with no electronics or mess, you can make perfect yogurt every time:

Making Yogurt - Step 1 Step 1. Half-fill the yogurt jar with cold drinking water. Thoroughly mix in the contents of the sachet. Top up with more cold water. Replace lid and re-shake.
Making Yogurt - Step 2 Step 2. Push the baffle down inside the Yogurt Maker as far as it will go. Pour boiling water into the Yogurt Maker.
Making Yogurt - Step 3 Step 3. Place jar inside and put the lid on. Leave a minimum of 8-12 hours or overnight until set. Then store the yogurt jar in the refrigerator (4°C).

The real yogurt bases are made from the finest quality New Zealand milk powder, and come in a large range based on fat content plus specialty ones such as Greek, Organic and Probiotic Biolife.

The EasiYo Yogurt Maker’s are now available at Millies. If you have any questions just call in and ask one of us about the benefits of the EasiYo.

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