Ecover Refills – Saving the Planet & Money!

EcoverSaving the planet can often be thought as expensive, boring and a selfless act. Fortunately Ecover have a different approach to environmental friendly shopping with their ingenious Ecover Refills. The concept is incredibly straight forward – instead of throwing away your plastic washing up bottle (which then takes hundreds of years to degrade) bring it into Millies and simply refill it. Not only is this even better than throwing it in the recycling bin, it also saves you money as you’re not paying for the packaging, shipping, etc. which is normally included in the final price. The environmental goodness doesn’t stop there; as Ecover can transport more products in fewer stinky lorries, you help save the Ozone!

We currently have refills available for:

  • Washing Up Liquid – Camomile & Marigold
  • Fabric Conditioner – Amongst the Flowers
  • All-Purpose Cleaner

Each can be used to fill your 500ml, 1 litre or 1.5 litre bottles.

Finally, we’ve found kids love calling with their folks to help refill, making shopping a bit more fun and teaching them recycling from an early age!

Ecover Refill Leeds

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