Fancy a bit of Hows yer father?

Sean Wilson CheeseYou may recognise the owner of the Saddleworth Cheese Company as the guy who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street, but Sean Wilson is now a well know name in the cheese world and an award winning producer of artisan cheese. The names of the cheeses, which are all hand-made in Saddleworth, Lancashire, using only Saddleworth milk, take their names from Lancashire sayings such as “how’s your father” and “mouth almighty”.

Suitable for vegetarians as only vegetarian rennet’s are used, the line up includes Lancashire crumbly (Muldoons Picnic), Lancashire Creamy (Hows yer father) , Lancashire  Tasty (Mouth Almighty) and a specially formulated medium soft blue cheese (Smelly Apeth).

With awards including a British Cheese Award, Best Cheese in Show at Bakewell including Best Crumbly and Best Farmhouse Cheese, these cheeses are well worth sampling. You will find them in our deli counter at Millies along with a range of specialist cheeses, cooked meats such as ham, beef, chorizo and salami, olives and lots more.


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