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The wonderful Katie from Leeds Grub called into Millies and added a review to her site:

I popped into Millies today to pick up some items for lunch. Millies won the Leeds Guide take away awards 2009 and I was interested to see why.

Millies is an interesting mix between health food store, farmers market and gourmet deli. I wondered through the shelves looking at the assortment of organic produce, dried whole foods, herbal teas, and fair trade cosmetics.

At the back of the store I found the take away counter. There was a delicious looking selection of sandwich fillings, cakes and pies. I chose a pork pie made locally by Paxton’s. It was very reasonably priced at 99p and completely yummy.

I then moved on to the cheese counter. There was a good selection of cheeses, both from the region and from further afield. I also noticed that there were free range eggs, including duck eggs and freshly made bread and scones for sale.

This is not a traditional take away, but I can see why it has won awards with its fresh, tasty looking soups and sandwiches, perfect for a healthier lunch on the go and to pick up other tasty treats and supplies.

Millies Fresh and Organic
*Fresh local produce
*Organic and whole food staples
*Deli counter and take away

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