Taylors of Harrogate – Fairtrade Organic Nicaraguan Coffee

Still working our way through the Taylors of Harrogate coffee selection available at Millies, we are now testing out Fairtrade Organic Nicaraguan coffee:

Fairtrade Organic Nicaraguan CoffeeWe can’t recommend this coffee highly enough. It is grown by a small farmer’s cooperative in the Matagalpa Mountains region of Nicaragua; it has a tantalising aroma and a rich flavour with a hint of roasted hazelnuts. It tastes really delicious.

Coffee Origin: Central America
Coffee Type: Whole Bean
Roast Colour: Medium Roast
Coffee Range: Speciality Coffee Beans

In a bid to keep our coffee as fresh as possible, we have now bought a grinder for the flat and bring the whole beans back, grinding only what we need. Out trusted machine from Peter Maturi is a great entry level espresso machine for anyone looking for a great coffee machine.

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