500th Follower on Twitter?

UPDATE: The winners are Elle (@ellefie / ellefield.blogspot.com) and Katie (@Leedsgrub / leedsgrub.blogspot.com)! Enjoy ladies.

As we approach another follower milestone on Twitter, we’d like to continue our tradition and reward the 500th follower – and the person that refers them to us – with something nice. And what better than my new favourite product, the Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Choc-Affair.

We’ll even warm some milk up for you – or you can just take it away for a late night treat.

Previous winners include Kev Charlton and Emma Croxall for our 400th follower, Alex Duffy and Harriet Jennings for our 300th follower and Phil Kirby and Kevin Hoare for our 200th follower.

Must be collected by the winners!

Natalie Millies on Google Plus.

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