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To maintain good health, we must all consume protein because it contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of our bodies. Amino acids fortify and form the many tissues and muscles that make up our bodies.

Traditionally, powdered protein supplements have been considered as ‘body building’ sports supplements. However, more and more people are learning how whey protein can benefit their health whatever their walk of life. People at different life stages may have special protein needs. For example, the young, the ill and the injured, older adults, weight-watchers and sports enthusiasts.

Whey protein is a natural milk-derived, high-quality protein source that is low in calorie, fat and lactose-free. Solgar selected whey protein because it has the highest biological value of any natural protein. It is also a potent source of lactalbumin and is the only protein source that offers immunoglobulins, both of which are important for proper immune function.

Research on weight loss has demonstrated the importance of high-quality protein for the maintenance of lean body tissue and reduction of body fat. Whey protein is a popular supplement for those who wish to alter their body compositions. Further research on the health benefits of whey has been carried out in the areas of cardiovascular health, immune health and ageing.

Available in natural vanilla bean, chocolate, honey nut and mixed berry flavours, plus convenient 1500mg tablets, Solgar’s Whey To Go Proteins are an easy way to add extra high-quality protein to your daily diet.

Solgar’s Whey To Go Protein blends easily and tastes great in smoothies and shakes and can even be added to sauces, cereals, muffins, pancakes and other bake mixes.

  • Protein contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of our bodies
  • Available in tablets or in powdered form in 4 delicious flavours
  • Solgar’s Whey To Go is lactose-free
  • Whey protein has the highest Biological Value of any natural protein
  • Suitable for use for those on reduced carbohydrate diets

Solgar’s Whey To Go protein is available at Millies. Please call in and speak to one of our in store advisor’s to find out more about this product.

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