Dr. Hauschka – Limited-Edition 3 Step Daily Care Programme

Dr. Hauschka have brought out their most popular products in new limited edition sizes. They include the Cleansing Milk and Facial Toner in 30ml and the Rose Day Cream and Quince Day Cream in 12.5ml. These sizes are perfect for new comers to Dr. Hauschka as you can try out the 3-step face care programme for just £27. This will give you enough time to see how radiant your skin will be before committing to the standard size products. They are also ideal if you already use these products but are travelling, or you may want to keep the Facial Toner on your desk at work throughout the summer as an instant refresher throughout the day.

If you are interested to find out how Dr. Hauschka can work with your skin, call into Millies and speak to one of our in store advisors.

Cleansing Milk

Dry sensitive skin requires extra gentle cleansing.

Cleansing Milk contains conditioning Jojoba and Almond oil, fortifying Anthyllis and special cereal extracts that gently cleanse the skin, without disturbing its natural hydro-lipid layer. At the same time, the skin receives fortifying treatment that enhances its natural elasticity.

This cream, tenside-free cleanser also gently dissolves away make-up, making it easy to remove.

The result is a soft, supple complexion.

Size: 30ml
Price: £8.50

Facial Toner

The fortifying action of Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner stimulates the skin’s natural powers and hydrating processes. Witch hazel and Anthyllis enhance its invigorating properties.

Sprayed on the face, neck and décolleté after morning and evening cleansing, this toner helps maintain the skin’s natural balance and promotes a youthful radiance.

Size: 30ml
Price: £8.50

Rose Day Cream

The special properties of Rose Day Cream offer ideal protection for normal, dry and sensitive skin, as well as skin that is prone to dilated capillaries (couperose). They also promote the skin;s natural capacity for regeneration. Sumptuous Rode oil and extracts of wild Rose hips harmonise the skin’s functions. while Shea butter, Rose petal wax and Avocado extract prevent it from drying out.

Size: 12.5ml
Price: £12.00

Quince Day Cream
Environmental factors can weaken the natural defences of the skin, even at a young age. Quince Day Cream contains Quince wax to envelop the skin protectively without hindering the skin’s natural processes. Extracts of Quince seeds and medicinal herbs retain the skin’s moisture. The skin can better protect itself from external influences and its intrinsic powers are reactivated.

Size: 12.5ml
Price: £10.00

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