Dishes to Dine for

Mark and Sally at Nova Scotia Farm in Leeds have created a fantastic range of meals for your freezer. Made from supreme quality Yorkshire beef, these environmentally-friendly, minimalist packaged dishes use only the freezer to preserve the food. They are ideal to keep in the freezer for your convenience.

We currently have:

Supreme Yorkshire Mince

A traditional British dish, mince Beef with a deep beefy gravy made from bouillon. Onion, carrot, swede, and garden peas all combined to create a true comfort meal. Rest assured we do not use the word ‘supreme’ lightly. Just add potatoes of your choice or perfect as a base for a cottage pie or mince hotpot … perhaps simply ladle into a giant Yorkshire pud? ‘It’s your secret ingredient’ … Enjoy!

Beef Chilli Con Carne

Mexico’s best export is enjoyed around the world. The name means chilli with meat, so that’s what we’ve done. Generously made with Supreme quality Yorkshire mince, tomato, onion and red kidney beans. Chilli spiced just how we think it should be. Not mild or silly hot. Made just as you would at home but without the hassle. All you get is the heat!! Fantastic spooned over a Jacket potato or rice. How about served in tacos or burritos, with crisp salad?, Sri Sri Amigo!!

Beef Stroganoff

From the banquet tables of Imperial Russia’s tsars. A decadently rich cream and brandy sauce binding together sauteed strips of tender steak, sliced mushroom and onion. Seasoned with a hint of paprika. Simply wonderful served with a wild grain rice and sprinkled with finely cut parsley.

Boeuf Bourguignonne

A classic French dish, the name is taken from Burgundy wine. Our prime heifer beef is recognised here by use of the feminine spelling. A passionately rich, deep and dark, ruby sauce from our red wine and tomato puree reduction. Finest cubed steak, pearl onions, button mushrooms and to give the dish some classic flavour, lean bacon and a hint of garlic. Wonderful with fresh seasonal vegetables.

This range is great to keep in the freezer in case of emergency – for when you get home after a long hard day and can’t be bothered to cook, but want some good quality food. Here we tried the Beef Chilli Con Carne, made with quality Yorkshire mince. Two generous portions that worked out at just £3 each and was gorgeous.

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