The Devon Cream Company

Fancy some Luxury Clotted Cream with Brandy to go with your strawberries while watching Wimbledon this summer? We’ve just got a new range of Créme Fraîche, Clotted Cream and Double Devon Cream Butter in from The Devon Cream Company.

The Devon Cream Company have been producing their fine range of creams since 1982 (that’s older than me!!). We currently have:

Luxury Devon Clotted Cream with Brandy

The perfect way to add a touch of luxury to waffles, ice cream, pancakes and strawberries, or just carefully stir into coffee for a special treat.

Devon Clotted Cream

Traditional Clotted Cream contains a minimum of 55% milk fat and its richer flavour is the natural accompaniment for the perfect English cream tea. So try some freshly baked scones spread with cream, topped with strawberry jam and served with hot tea.

Lemon Créme Fraîche

A blend of tangy, Devon cream with a bit of lemon and sugar. It is an ideal accompaniment to a variety of desserts. It is firm, but thick, so it can be spooned into mini tart shells for dainty desserts topped off with a raspberry. Try it with scones at tea time.

Strawberry Créme Fraîche

A yummy blend of tangy crème fraîche and sweet strawberries, it is an ideal accompaniment to a variety of desserts, from chocolate fudge cake to Apple Pie and fresh fruit.

Double Devon Cream Butter

Churned in the traditional way and lightly salted to produce the best tasting English Butter. This hand wrapped butter is made with fresh Double Devon Cream.

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  1. david wilson
    Posted Tue 4 Sep, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Is there anywhere in the UK we can buy heavy cream or heavy whipping cream

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