Barbecue with Local Yorkshire Produce from Tancred Field Farm

We packed a few treats into our hand luggage this holiday, mainly from our local Yorkshire farmer Tancred Field Farm. And after getting through security without any questions as to why we had several kilograms of meat on us, here’s what we had on the barbecue one night:

To start, their fantastic spare ribs:

These ribs are so nice and incredibly cheap (the ones here cost about £1.30). Next up were a couple of steaks:

They were amazing. The man steak was over half a kilogram of pedigree Lincoln Red rump steak and the lady steak was a pedigree Lincoln Red sirloin steak.

All the meat from Tancred Field Farm was taken from our store. The ribs were around £1.30. The rump steak was £13.76/kilogram (under £7 for the big one pictured) and the sirloin was £18.25/kilogram (about £5 for the one I had). A great price, gorgeous food and supporting a local farmer.

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