20% Discount on all Sci-MX Sports Nutrition

Sci-MX Nutrition

We are currently offering 20% discount on all Sci-MX products. This is alongside our 25% discount on all USN and Phd sports supplements and at least 20% off many more big brands (such as Met-Rx, Nutrisport, Prolab plus lots more) in our Sports Supplements section on the first floor of the store.

Don’t wait days for delivery online when you can talk to us face to face for an unbiased opinion and take full advantage of our 28 years of experience with these products – all at internet prices.

Sci-MX Nutrition’s products are based on the latest scientific findings from the world’s top universities and sports research institutes, and manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions according to formulations developed by our team of scientists.

The brand focuses on three aspects: Improving sports performance, enhancing physical appearance, and positively contributing to health and wellbeing.

Recommended Products

Omni-MX Hardcore (All-In-One Extreme Muscle Mass Gain Formula)

This is for those who wish to build muscle mass and gain some serious power and strength. Great for supporting heavy weight training.

Ideal for rugby players, combat athletes, rowers etc, that require bulk, strength and presence to improve performance.

Flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry.

Nutritional Information (Chocolate) Per 100g: Energy 1635 kj/388 kcal, Protein (on dry matter) 31g, Carbohydrates 55g, Fat 3.07g

Pyro-MX Leanburn

Combine Pyro-MX Leanburn with a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme.

This is for anyone seeking rapid fat loss, wanting to improve muscle definition by losing body fat such as weight-lifters, strength athletes and body-builders or for power and endurance athletes wishing to improve sport performance by losing fat.

They burn away stored fat as energy, control appetite and helps prevent sugar cravings. Also boosts energy and metabolism and increases calories expenditure. It is anti-catabolic so you lose fat, not muscle.

Take 2 to 3 capsules on an empty stomach 3 times daily, 30-40 minutes before meal or workout. Do not use after 4pm. Use Pyro-MX Leanburn every day for up to 6 weeks and then discontinue for 2 weeks before continuing again.

Ultragen Whey Protein (Muscle Building Whey Protein Shake)

Ideal for aiding muscle recovery, gaining strength and power and building muscle size and definition.

If you are a regular gym user training to increase muscle size and definition this is for you. Also for ahletes looking to support muscle development and recovery, including rugby players, sprinters, combat athletes, etc.

Flavours Banana, Natural Dairy, Choc-Mint, Chocolate, Mochachino, Strawberry, Vanilla.

Nutritional Information: (Banana, Strawberry, Mochachino, Vanilla) Per 100g: Energy 1626kJ/389kcal, Protein (on dry matter) 78g, Carbohydrates 4.42g, Carbohydrates of which sugars 1.24g, Fat 3.5g, Fat of which saturates 2g

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Discounts correct at time of blog post.

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