Açaí Extract – Can We Beat 72% Discount? Easy

I was quite surprised to see one of those ‘daily deals’ websites offering Açaí capsules with 72% discount. The only reason I was surprised was because even with the massive discount, they were only 22p cheaper than one we stock. Then after reading the small print, I discovered you also have to pay an additional £2.99 for delivery. So they’re actually £2.77 more expensive.

I also noticed that I couldn’t find the strength of the Açaí capsules anywhere. Our Rio Amazon Açaí Vegicaps have 500mg of Açaí extract (2:1 strength extract equivalent to 1,000mg Açaí fruit) and our Solgar Super Açaí Extract Softgels have a 20:1 extract equivalent to 3,000mg of raw berry powder. Both are a one month supply, the same as the “deal” mentioned above.

Rio Amazon Açaí

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  1. Posted Tue 4 Oct, 2011 at 9:39 am

    I have recently started double checking the deals offered by these ‘daily deal’ websites and more often than not the same deal is available on the suppliers website at the same price without many of the restrictions imposed, or as you say above the massive discount may not be all it’s cracked up to be, savings of hundreds of pounds on computers aren’t actually as big as they appear when you realise competitors are selling them for less anyway.

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