Laser Etched Cheese Wedding Cake?

Laser Etched Brie Cheese

For the premier launch of Homage2Fromage at Millies, Nick came up with an inspiring idea. He teamed up with Duke Studios and got one of our French Bries laser etched with the Homage2Fromage logo!

This got us thinking, our Cheese Wedding Cakes are great for people wanting something a bit different at a wedding, but what if one of the cheeses was laser etched? I don’t think it’s ever been done before. So if you’re planning a wedding, why not do something different? Pretty much anything can be etched into the cheese and the fabulous people at Duke Studios will even help you come up with a truly unique design. This will add something personal to your Cheese Tower and I’m sure your guests will certainly remember it.

What would you have etched? Add your ideas to the comments below and you might see it laser etched into cheese!

Cheese Wedding Cake Leeds

Laser Etched Camembert Cheese

The Duke Studios logo etched into a Camembert. Image courtesy of @LauraWelli

Natalie Millies on Google Plus.

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  1. Amanda Ogg
    Posted Sat 1 Feb, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Hi I was just writing to enquire about your wedding cakes made with cheese? I am looking for one to feed about 60 guests. Please could you send me a quote for this. Cheeses we like are cheddar, edam, Danish blue, brie and a smoked cheese. I would about 5/6 tiers.

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