Paleo Polly’s Guided Tour

A Guided Tour of Millies, Fine Food and Local Produce Store, Leeds


summIf you investigate down the isles, you will come across many paleo ingredients. Check out Himalayan salt, to aid digestion. Beautiful pink crystals, it is wonderful to display on your dinner table.

I always struggle to find coconut flour, in my more local health food store; this is because there just isn’t the demand for it. Coconut Flour is a great ingredient to use for paleo baking. Extremely absorbent, you must use coconut flour in a different way to traditional flours. Coconut Flour is great for using as a batter base, or simply coating on chicken to achieve texture, and that crunchy effect.

The next items I would like to show you are the bursting with colour vegetables they have on display!

We’ve noticed a big increase in the number of customers talking to us about the Paleo Diet, so it was fantastic to see local blogger Paleo Polly call in and write this wonderful post. Charlotte’s blog is a fantastic resource for anyone following a paleo diet or thinking about turning paleo. You don’t even need to be paleo to enjoy this blog, just take a look at these ideas for “Bad Ass Steak”.

Paleo Polly

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