Yorkshire Cheese

Shepherds Purse Cheese

We often get asked which of our cheeses are from Yorkshire, so here’s a list of some of our Yorkshire cheeses:

Milk type Pasterised Vegetarian Texture
Barncliffe Brie Cows P V Soft
Bluemin White Cows P V Soft
Coverdale Cows P V Semi-hard
Fine Fettle Ewes P V Soft
Fountains Gold Cows P V Semi-hard
Harrogate Blue Cows P Semi-soft
Mrs Bells Blue Ewes P V Semi-soft
Ribblesdale Ewes Ewes P V Semi-hard
Ribblesdale Goats Goats P V Semi-hard
Ribblesdale Smoked Goats Goats P V Semi-hard
Swaledale Blue Cows P V Semi-hard
Swaledale Farmhouse Cows P V Semi-hard
Swaledale Old Peculier Cows P V Semi-hard
Swaledales Goats Goats P V Semi-hard
Wensleydale Cows P V Semi-hard
Wensleydale and Cranberry Cows P V Semi-hard
Yorkshire Blue Cows P V Semi-soft
Yorkshire Tasty Cows P V Semi-hard


If we’re missing your favourite or you’re after something special, please get in touch as we often order special cheeses in for people.

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