Yorkshire Free Range Traditional Christmas Turkeys

We are now taking orders for free range Christmas turkeys which have been specially bred for Christmas by John Wright’s Turkeys at Holmes Turkey Farm.

Celebrating 50 years of farming turkeys using traditional methods. John still firmly believes that a happy turkey allowed to roam free in green pastures, feeding on wild flowers and growing at it’s natural pace, without drugs or additives provides a tastier, tender meal.

John is an established member of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA) who set the standard for top quality in Christmas Turkeys.

All our turkeys and crowns come in our unique presentation box with a sprig of rosemary. Included are cooking instructions, a pop-rite timer and giblets.

John’s bronze turkeys are naturally slower growing breeds that develop a succulent, fuller flavour and with every bird being plucked by hand, the hygienic conditions ensure no chemicals are used. Our turkeys have the best possible living conditions.


If you would like to reserve a turkey, please call the store on 0113 2429 217. Or call into our Leeds city centre store.

Free Range Christmas Turkeys Yorkshire

Photo by theBlackBrian’s

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  1. Heather Vickers
    Posted Thu 9 Oct, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Hi. Please can you tell me how much the free range Xmas turkeys are per pound/ kilo please? I need one around 4.5 -5kg

    Many thanks