Taifun Tofu

Tofu Basilico with tomato

We’re looking to expand our range of Taifun veggie and vegan tofu as they’ve been selling really well, and according to our resident veggie expert Claire, they “taste great!”. Here’s a sample of the range we have:

Tofu Basilico Tofu Basilico

Taifun Tofu Basilico is full of fresh herbs, accented with a subtle basil taste. This savoury basil flavour is commonly used in hot and cold Mediterranean dishes.

Dice or cut into slices. Excellent in a tomato salad. Tasty also with bread or enjoy it marinated as antipasti. Pan-fry as garnish for vegetable dishes.

Tofu Rosso Tofu Rosso

This Italian tofu speciality was once the hit of the year of the “Biofach” and is one of our most popular products to date.

A fruity-fresh taste, ideal for Mediterranean cooking. Enjoy cold with bread, in salads or marinated in olive oil. Pan-fry with pasta, rice or potatoes.

Tofu Olive Tofu Olive

Select Greek green olives give this tofu its natural and distinct character. 18 % olives, fine herbs, sea salt and a dash of lemon – a clear and simple taste, yet full of flavour!

Excellent in cold dishes, such as a Greek salad, Italian antipasti or with bread.

Tofu Cutlets Spelt-Sunflower Tofu Cutlets Spelt-Sunflower

A classic among the cutlets. Tofu and spelt combined in a tasty combo.

Fry in oil until golden-brown. Goes perfectly with savoury salad dishes and all potato dishes.

Tofu Cutlets Green Spelt-Hazelnut Tofu Cutlets Green Spelt-Hazelnut

A hearty-savoury cutlet with crisp green spelt, pieces of hazelnut and herbs de Provence.

Fry in oil until both sides are crispy. Excellent with tomato or potato salad.

Smoked Tofu Smoked Tofu

A classic version of Smoked Tofu. Enjoy cold on bread or in a salad. Excellent pan-fried with vegetable dishes, rice, potatoes or pasta.

Smoked Tofu with Almonds & Sesame Seeds Smoked Tofu with Almonds & Sesame Seeds

This version of Smoked Tofu gets its hearty-crispy taste from the roasted almonds and sesame seeds. Enjoy it cold on bread, in a salad or pan-fried with vegetable dishes, pasta or rice – the “Almonds & Sesame Seeds” give each dish a savoury flavour.

Smoked Tofu with Herbs Smoked Tofu with Herbs

Savory Smoked Tofu, seasoned with fine herbs and crisp sunflower seeds. Ideal in cold dishes, sliced on bread or diced in a salad.

A delight when pan-fried. Try the Smoked Tofu diced in a soup or as “croutons” in a salad.

 Natural Tofu Natural Tofu

This traditional basic tofu is full of high-quality vegetable protein and extremely versatile. Tangy, spicy, sweet or sour – our Natural Tofu can be prepared to take on any desired taste. Due to its firm texture, it is particularly suitable for frying.

Before processing the tofu, dab it with a paper towel or leave it to drain well. If you do not use all of the tofu, place the remainder in a dish and cover it completely with fresh water. This way, your tofu will keep in the refrigerator for another 3-4 days. Change the water daily.

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