Earth Day

We’ve just celebrated Earth Day in-store and thought it was important for us to show what we have been doing to help preserve our natural habitat.

Day by day our beautiful earth grows increasingly more delicate, as we overpopulate our land, fill our air with emissions and our seas with pollution.

Earth Day is a Worldwide, annual event held for people to come together and demonstrate support for the environment and show love to the glorious place we call home. We are so excited to show you what we have been doing at Millies, and what you can do at home, to contribute to a clean environment and a healthy planet!


Here at Millies we support (and love) the brand Ecover!

Ecover’s ethos is to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning detergents, therefore they offer phosphate free cleaning detergents using re-usable bottles. You can refill your laundry and washing up liquids in store at Millies, which will contribute to dramatically reducing the amount of plastic bottles being used and thrown away.

I know if just everybody I know had a re-useable sports or washing up bottle it would make a huge difference already!


Here in Millies we encourage the No Waste ethos! Starting with the local/organic fruit and vegetables we sell; our amazing chef uses these in his kitchen on a daily basis. We aim for no waste as we check the healthiness of the produce through out the day, and before it even goes from excellent to great our Chef’s already transformed it into something delicious.

At our Juice Bar we create a healthy amount of compost made from juicing fresh fruit and veg all day – anyone is welcome to come in and take some home!


I feel like the earth has given this topic one a good push, people have got the idea of it, but don’t always commit! We have a great direct example of the amazing things we can do re-cycling single use products.

Would you believe this used to be milk bottles? One of our amazing employees is creating an outstanding piece of artwork “Milk to Marble” to demonstrate the extent of what you can really do to recycle! Plastic bottles are said to decompose at around for “70-450 years”, why not use them for something useful until then instead of sending them to overloaded landfills!
“My project focuses on the issue of plastic waste and raising awareness not only of the plights of our environment but also how people can have a positive change upon these issues. I intend my work to generate new ways of thinking, my table shows how recyclable plastics can be re-appropriated and innovatively designed into other uses such as furniture”


(Or at least where you can), beneficial for not only yourself, but the environment too! Buying Organic products means there has been no pesticides or chemicals used during their production. In the absence of chemicals, plants boost their production of vitamins and antioxidants.

Conventional farming destroy soils, biodiversity and contaminate water ways by using tonnes of synthetic chemicals to create fast and bulk produce.

Some foods to especially think about from the “Dirty Dozen” are: spinach, apples, tomatoes, celery and potatoes. Although these are all extra good for you and carry good nutritional values, they are vegetables that absorb the most pesticides during production, making them not as healthy as you think if they are not organically grown!

We only stock fruit and vegetables in their local or organic state here at Millies in aid to save wildlife, reduce carbon emissions and conserve our natural planet.


Go Vegetarian For a Few Days a Week! This can help a dramatic deal! Limiting the amount of meat you eat can really make a different to the planets well being.

Making just 1 Pound of Beef is known to use 1,799 GALLONS of water and use huge hectares of land. Here at Millies we stock alternatives for all! We even serve a hot, homemade vegan/vegetarian option every day on our menu at lunchtime to cut down on our consumption and use of meat.

If YOU want to make a difference this on Earth Day it’s as easy as hanging out your washing, going paperless with statements or carpooling with friends! Here’s some extra ways to show your appreciation to the mothership –

Although all the talk of pollution and saving the planet can be quite heavy, wherever in the world you are don’t forget to enjoy the earth today!

Take 5 minutes to appreciate the smell of rain, feel the sun on your back or take in your surroundings that this wonderful planet has given to us. We begin to realise the immense beauty and life that earth provides us with, and we should all do our bit to protect.

“Be the change you wish to see in this world” – Gandhi

We will be posting every Sunday from now with health tips, beauty hacks, interesting facts and yummy recipes! Next week we will be exploring the pros and cons of fermented foods!


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