Celebrating National Vegetarian Week

Better late than never…..National vegetarian week (14-20th May) was a chance to highlight the benefits and pleasures of a meat-free diet. As more people look to make lifestyle changes, eating vegetarian is increasing in appeal. Whether you are a diehard vegetarian or just want to try some new dishes – national vegetarian week gave everyone an opportunity to get involved and enjoy delicious veggie food!

Why should we think about eating more vegetarian meals? Here are a few views on why incorporating more vegetarian food into our diets can produce positive changes;

Our health – If you eat vegetarian food you’re more likely to incorporate your 5 a day! It has come into the light that eating meat especially red meat can contribute to the development of some diseases.

The environment – Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is sustainable as it helps reduce carbon footprint. A staggering 51% of greenhouse gases are produced by animal agriculture.

Compassion – In the UK alone, over 2.5 million animals are slaughtered everyday due to human greed.

Money – Cooking plant based meals can save money on your food shopping.

Taste – If you’ve got into the same routine of spaghetti bolognaise and Sunday roast chicken this is a great opportunity to really get creative with your food and start making some beautiful and colourful dishes. Eat the rainbow!

Here at Millies we support eating less meat by; 

  1. Always having a vegetarian option on our lunch menu. Yesterdays was sweet potato and chickpea curry served with wild and basmati rice.
  2. We have a delicious salad bar which is nearly all vegetarian and vegan.
  3. We stock a wide range of vegetarian alternatives such as quorn and tofu.
  4. Many of our staff are vegetarian and would be happy to discuss a healthy vegetarian diet with you in store.
  5. We stock multivitamins for vegetarians.

Wondering where to start? Here are a few tips to help you on your veggie journey; 

  1. Get Creative – Go to your nearest market and buy some new vegetables to try or go online and browse all the great recipes out there. Here are a few worth looking at – https://www.nationalvegetarianweek.org/recipes/ or get the vegetarian society app which has lots recipes for all cooking abilities!
  2.  Start with red meat (or whatever is easier for you) – slowly cut out different meats from your diet.
  3. Get friends and family involved – so that you can prepare vegetarian meals together!
  4. Eat a varied diet – Its very easy when eating vegetarian food to replace the meat with empty carbohydrates such as pasta. Its important to meal plan to insure you are incorporating all the key food groups into your diet.
  5. Explore new proteins – Its a big misconception that a vegetarian diet lacks protein however you can get protein from many plant sources including tempeh, beans and nuts!


So get involved and get cooking today!

See you soon



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