Super Greens

If you are looking to improve your quality of life, activate your brain and perform at your very best, then I would highly recommend supplementing a super green into your diet! The high level of nutrients found in super greens cannot always be found in normal food, so although you may eat healthy, your body may not be receiving beneficial amounts of proteins, fibres or amino acids that will help to boost your energy levels, immune system and brain function in the way a super green will.

Millie’s is a large stockist of many different brands and types of super foods & super greens, but we find it is very easy to go for a generic “popular” supplement without actually researching into which one would best benefit your health. We are here to help break it down a little bit…


A blue green algae available in tablets or powder, great for gym users as Spirulina is high in protein, zinc and iron. Helping to boost energy levels, speed up weight loss, build lean muscle, and repair muscle after work out. Zinc not only repairs muscle, as many people take Spirulina for problematic skin as it is also paired with a high content of vitamin A. Spirulina can also help to prevent yeast infections and leaky gut syndrome; also known as an anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungus agent. The nutritional profile of Spirulina makes it one of the top supergreens as it provides vitamins A, K1, K2, B12, GLA.


 A very popular supplement here at Millies, holding its name up on the list of adaptogens (natural substances that help the body to adapt to stressors like a new job or illness), I would especially recommend Maca for people who live in the city with a busy schedule as it helps to regulate mood, hormones and energy levels, in aid to make your day a little bit easier. These properties also make Maca a miracle to ladies going through the change, as it helps to reduce menopausal symptoms, associated anxiety and depression and balance estrogens. Maca is especially great for people wanting to conceive as it boosts fertility in both men and women, also increasing drive and stamina as it maintains adrenal health by preventing crashes in blood sugar. Also rich in B2, B3, B6, Vitamin C.

Barley Grass & Wheat Grass

Very similar super foods, the nutritional content (Vitamins A, E, K, B’s, Iron)  that these grasses offer to your body will have you feeling fantastic. Perfect for those with active lifestyles, both giving you a really high protein content and a long list of amino acids not always available in food.Barley Grass can aid diabetes, helping to regulate blood sugars up to 10 hours after the consumption, meaning energy levels stay healthy to support an active day. Coming from young shoots, barley grass provides dense amounts of magnesium & 30x more calcium than in cows milk, benefiting bones, muscles, nerve function and blood pressure. Can also help with Fibromyalgia.Wheat Grass, naturally gluten free, stems from the young grass of the common wheat plant. Working to eliminate toxins in the body, benefiting every aspect of your health; Linked with a high fibre content, wheat grass works wonders as a natural detox supplement. Also providing 340mg of Vitamin E per serving, wheat grass works to detoxify and renew skin cells. Anti-fungus and anti-bacterial, wheat grass is also super high in Chlorophyll; this helps to repair DNA damaged by radiation and to improve the quality of red blood cells, also known as a “blood builder“. Wheatgrass is also good for liver cleansing, skin healing, detoxifying and creating an alkaline environment for your body; helping to prevent heart disease and even cancer.

We want to know that our body is receiving the best nutrients it can get, to be able to live the best life that we can live. Extra nutrients, provided by Super greens, will help you to function optimally; de-stressing the mind and body while boosting your moods & energy. We, at Millies, are huge fans! We have much more information in store and our staff are happy to determine which super green would suit you best. We stock all of the above and offer over 15 different brands of different Supergreens, including lucuma, baobab, ashwaganda, acai, mushroom, moringa and many more! Help to make up for the lower amounts of minerals that we receive from food with a shot of super green in your daily diet, you will feel such a difference!

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