Cannabis CBD Oil Benefits

First of all, eradicate all fear that CBD Oil will get you ‘high’, there are no psychoactive properties found in any CBD Oils you are able to buy over the counter in the UK. The Cannabis plant has been used medicinally for years upon years, and only became illegal as people would take the plant purely for the psychedelic effect it had on the brain, causing further social & mental problems. Luckily, we have reached 2018 and we are able to safely and effectively separate the CBD from the THC, enabling us to (legally) reap the benefits of the miracle plant, without feeling any head-high side effects.

There is tonnes of information available to the public about this fairly new product already, and as research gets more thorough, we are only due to learn more and more about what CBD Oil can really do for us. Below are 3 main categories  in which we have the most feeedback from repeat buyers, and in which we really believe CBD Oil can help you with.

Pain Management

The first hand feedback we have heard, and the reviews we have read, prove to us that CBD Oil does certainly help to manage pain (however more research is needed to certify this at this time). Whether this be chronic, sciatica, arthritis or MS, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduce signs of pain in humans significantly, some customers have noticed a significant change in pain levels in just 1 month of taking the product.


The CBD Compound of the Cannabis Plant contains around 85 Cannaboids which are high in anti-convulsant properties; helping to use receptors, signals and neurotransmitters to channel through and communicate with the brain when a fit is taking place. There are multiple videos online, using CBD Oil to ease real life seizures and the amazing outcomes it can have.

Mental Health: Anxiety/Stress/Depression/Schizophrenia

A very natural remedy, especially in comparison to what the doctors offer for most mental health issues, CBD Oil uses different receptors in the brain to increase serotonin levels whilst also accelerating the growth and development of the nervous tissue; with little to no side effects at all. CBD Oil works wonders to stabilize the mood and alleviate stress levels.

We are happy to hear any feedback you have from your own personal use of Cannabis Oil and how it may have helped you in your journey! We will continue to learn and educate, to be able to guarantee that our customers receive only the best advice and are kept up to date with new foundings from this amazing product!

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