Cannabis CBD Oil

A quick insight to our chosen brand of CBD Oil available instore at Millies Leeds, The Health Food Company & The York Nut Centre.

Are you fighting physical pain daily? Do you need a natural relief to ease your mental state? Are you fed up of trying drugs from the doctors with no luck?

Luckily for you, we researched deep into the world of Cannabis Oil Extracts, and we have chose the best available brand to stock between our shops; and so far, so amazing! These products are flying off the shelves and we are getting great feedback.

Some are apprehensive about trying these extracts, however Cannabis Oil is completely legal to buy, take and to sell as it contains little to none of the THC compound (The part of cannabis known to give the psycho-active effect).

Cannabis Oil has outstanding health benefits for the mind and the body, also labelled a “miracle” as for some, it has treated ‘incurable’ diseases and changed peoples whole entire lives.

Nothing should stop you from living your best life, and when a natural remedy like this boasts such great nutritional value and life changing benefits, it is hard to resist giving it a go.

The brand we chose is Love CBD- who also offer us direct advice to prescribe the best CBD Extract personally for you. They are open with their lab results which you can find on their website- so that we know we are selling the purest, uncontaminated, real substance as advertised. After looking at reviews of previous users and speaking in depth with their team we are very happy with our decision and can’t wait for you all to come and check it out!


Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts where we will talk about the different benefits for different people, strengths, strains and some real reviews from our own lovely customers.

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