Plant Based Eating

Our Nutritionist Faith Cavalli offers some advice and tips on Plant Based Eating…

Plant based eating is on the increase across the UK and it is now predicted 7% of the population report as being vegan. Not only is plant based eating beneficial for health it has a positive environmental impact.
If you are considering a plant based diet it is vital to get the right nutrients, if done incorrectly you could put on body fat or become at risk of nutritional deficiencies.



• Ensure you don’t eat a diet high in processed foods, try to stick with pulses, nuts, seeds and tofu for protein rather than fake meats, these are nice for some of the time but ensure most of your meals contain lentils, beans or tofu.

• Vegan eating can often become high in carbohydrates so ensure you get the correct balance to avoid putting on body fat. Aim for half your plate of vegetables and a quarter of the plate of both carbohydrates and protein as a general rule.

• Aim to eat food high in nutrients this will prevent you feeling hungry, too many foods with ‘empty calories’ will leave your body craving nutrients and wanting to eat more. Empty calories are foods such as sweets, crisps and unhealthy take-always which contain little or no nutrients and are general high in fat and sugar.

• Ensure you are getting enough B12 and Calcium by drinking fortified plant based milks and cereals or taking food supplements such as Spirulina or chlorella, these are good sources of iron, calcium, protein and B12.

• Plant based sources of protein with a diet containing a good mix of grains such as rice, quinoa and oats to ensure your body gets the full range of amino acids. Grains and protein sources do not need to be eaten at the same time, just ensure you are eating enough throughout the day.

• Vegan diets can be low in low in iodine which can cause thyroid issues, so taking a supplement or eating seaweed a few times a week ensure you are getting enough.
Come in store for advice on our range of beneficial supplements and vitamins, there is also a good range of plant based milk, vegan food as well as fruit and vegetables.



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