Tea For Health – Lifestyle change


There are a whole variety of different teas dotting about these days with all with their own various health benefits. Drinking a certain type of tea could boost your health depending on its properties and ingredients. If you are looking for a great place to start making some healthier lifestyle changes, looking at what you drink could make a big difference. Whether you are a caffeine addict, coffee drinker or love a milk, 3 sugar type of tea, here is some of the swaps you could make and why!


Green tea is a nutritional power house. As it’s packed with antioxidants having powerful effects on the body. It is rich in polyphenols in which reduce inflammation in the body helping prevent illness and disease.


* Helps prevent cancers

* Positive effects on the cardio vascular system

* Lower cholesterol

* Boost weight loss

* Improve mental functioning

* A level of caffeine giving the body a boost


Peppermint tea has a very fresh and bold flavour with a slight sweetness. It’s known to be a great gut healer as it contains a lot of gastrointestinal elements which aid a happier digestion system and stomach. It also contains several other benefits.


* Reduces bloating

* IBS relief

* Digestive aid

* Can help heartburn

* Relieve headaches and migraines

* Caffeine free so can help with better sleep and relaxation


Ginger is a very common spice which has been used for years for many medicinal reasons. One of the nicest ways to consume ginger is by drinking ginger tea which can also be incredibly comforting.


* Helps nausea/vomiting

* Helps stomach cramps/pain

* Digestive aid

* Contains anti-inflammatory properties

* Helps relieve stress/tension

* Boosts immunity


Chamomile tea is quite a popular tea with great health benefits. It’s naturally caffeine free, slightly sweet and known to be drank before bed aiding a peaceful night’s sleep.


* Helps promote sleep and decrease insomnia by relaxing the nervous system

* Boosts immunity helping illness and colds

* Has many healing properties to help treat skin conditions/acne

* A natural relaxant to help reduce stress

* Healthier hair


Rosehip tea has a sweet, floral and delicate flavour made from the fruit of a rose plant. It’s caffeine free and contains many benefits to your health and wellbeing one being its high level of vitamins C boosting your immunity naturally.


* Boosts immunity

* High in antioxidants/flavonoids helping fight off free radicals

* High in Vitamin E helping protect against premature ageing and other degenerative diseases

* Digestive aid

* Helps support heart health


Fennel seeds and fennel tea contain many natural remedies and benefits which have been used for thousands of years. They’re high in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties helping a variety of illnesses and diseases.


* Helps digestion and gut issues

* Increases circulation in digestive tact

* Promotes heart health

* Boosts immune system

* Helps with hormonal balance – good for PCOS

Try including some of the teas above to your daily life adding all the nutritional benefits to improve your body and wellbeing. Come into one of our stores to find a whole range of the teas listed above and many more, feel free to ask us for anymore information!

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