Go Vegan This Pancake Day!













Pancake day is by far one of the greatest days. We all love pancakes.

Do you think that you need to go without pancakes this pancake day because you are vegan? Think again! You don’t have to sacrifice, vegans can enjoy pancakes just like everyone else. There are a variety of ways to create vegan pancakes. You can completely mix up the flours, flavours and toppings to whatever your taste buds desire!
These vegan pancakes are easy to make in just 20 minutes with no fuss! Take the base recipe and then add various ingredients to mix up the flavours and textures. This recipe is also gluten free and healthier than your traditional pancake recipe, so it’s perfect for pretty much everyone! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert – It’s completely up to you!


– 100g buckwheat flour
– 1 mashed banana
– 1 flax egg (2 tbsp flaxseed combined with 6 tbsp water
– 150ml almond milk
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 1-2 tbsp maple syrup/agave
– ½ tsp baking powder
– Coconut oil for frying
– Toppings of choice


Start by making your flax egg, combine 2 tbsp flaxseed with 6 tbsp water and leave for 10 minutes to form a gel substance.
In a blender place all your ingredients and blitz till fully combined, leave to stand for 10- 15 minutes. It should be quite a thick pancake mix.
Heat up your pan with the coconut oil and place 1 – 2 tbsp of your pancake mix into the pan. Heat on a medium heat for 1 – 2 minutes on each side.
Top with toppings of your choice.

Flavour and topping ideas:

Lemon and raspberry: Add the juice of half a lemon to the mix and top with fresh raspberries and soy yogurt
Cacao and peanut butter: Add a tsp of cacao/coco powder to the mix and top with peanut butter and vegan chocolate chips
Banana, blueberry and pumpkin seed: Add blueberries to the mix and top with extra banana, blueberries and pumpkin seeds

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