Russian Lashes

Wanting to get lash extensions but not knowing which or where to start? It can be a little overwhelming seeing the different types you can now get. Lashes can be a great way to add volume and length giving you a hassle, make up free look! Perfect for parties, holidays or just your everyday look.

So here is all the information for one of the latest lash trends – Russian Lashes.

Where classic lashes involve applying a single lash, Russian lashes involve attaching more than one lash fibre with a fanning effect to create a thicker and fuller look.  This is due to them being thinner meaning the therapist can apply more to one lash. So perfect for anyone wanting to go for more of a dramatic lash look.

Before your lashes you will need a patch test doing 24 hours before to ensure you don’t have a reaction to the lash glue.

Russian lashes are going to last up to 12 weeks in total with regular infills every 2-3 weeks depending on how well you look after them. This will ensure they are kept looking nice, fresh and full!

 The benefits of Russian lashes mean you’ll get the fuller, fluffier look which helps if you have gaps between your natural lashes. The bonus to this is obviously you can wake up in the morning without having to bother about mascara or too much makeup!

When getting them applied it can take up to 3 hours, but the result is completely worth it. Ensure you do not get the lashes wet within the first 24 hours to allow the adhesive to fully dry. After this you can get them wet, but if you want to keep greater care of them and make them last longer it is advised to be cautious when in the shower etc.

You may be wondering, will they damage my natural lashes? Nope! Russian volume lashes are so light and delicate which barely places any weight on your lashes.

How can you make your lashes last longer?

  • Be careful with water such as showers, steam rooms, saunas etc.
  • Stay away from oil-based products whi9ch could break down the bond between the lash extension and natural lash.
  • Stay away from mascara
  • Comb them especially in the morning, in case the over lap and twist, brushing them can put them back into place and keep them tidy.
  • Don’t pick at them! This is going to increase the likely hood to them falling out but also lead onto tearing and pulling out your own lashes.

So, if you are someone wanting some luscious, voluminous lashes and considering Russian extensions, why not pop into our store or ring us on 01132429217!

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