"one of the best Bakewells I have ever had"

I was strolling aimlessly along Vicar Lane when I came across Millie's which is a health food supermarket. Outside there are a couple of tables and chairs, which were occupied, and a sign inviting me to visit Millie's Kitchen situated at the back of the premises...

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"I admit it is the best wax I've had"

Having a bikini wax is one of those beauty must-dos that us ladies never look forward to (or that would be weird), and an experience that leaves us filled with dread. Usually there's nothing else but an aspirin and a shot of tequila that will get me through my Hollywood so I set about finding a skilled practitioner who could lessen the teeth-gritting pain and give me impressive results...

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"The staff in Millies are extremely helpful"

Millies is pretty large when it comes to health food stores, and the immediate thing that smacks you in the face when you walk in, it their vast supply of whole foods, nuts and seeds.

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